Product launch

9.12.2019 we are officially launching the sale of the new generation radar detector, GENEVO MAX is here.
A detector designed for entire Europe. Sales start at the newly redesigned website


Five years of development in collaboration with industry leaders, incorporating suggestions of our customers, have all led to the creation of a world-class product that can boldly compare with the best in the world. The radar antenna has been significantly improved for a 20% sensitivity increase and the power supply and update system has been completely redesigned. At the same time, we come up with a new design that easily matches the modern car interiors.


As the first in the world, you can enjoy a magnetic holder with both horizontal and vertical positioning in one or an automatic volume feature that adapts to noise in the vehicle cabin. In one device we combined smart solutions and a high-end technology like motion sensor, an ambient light sensor, or an OLED display. There is no detector today that offers a comparable range of functions.



availability: ready to ship

GENEVO MAX comes with the most powerful 360 radar antenna among our portable radar detectors, a completely redesigned laser sensor with military laser reflector sight technology and new GPS antenna with database of the entire Europe. No surprises will be waiting for you on the road.