Talking about passive protection or passive car radar detector in technical terms, such device does not work as a transmitter and in no way interferes or blocks the functions of speed measuring devices. It simply detects the presence of measuring devices and alerts the driver to ongoing speed checks.

The opposite is active protection, which provides, just as its name predicts, active protection against potential threats.

Let's explain in detail how GENEVO radar detectors work and why are GENEVO devices leading the market.

Protection consists of three technical layers:

  • Detection of microwave radars in your area
  • Detection of laser beams aimed at your vehicle
  • GPS module combined with a database of points where non-detectable speed measuring devices currently occur

How speed measurement works

Detection of microwave radars

A Car radar detector is basically a radio receiver. Using an extremely sensitive antenna that scans its surroundings and searches for specific frequencies. When this frequency is detected the device alerts the driver.

However, there is a small catch, microwave signals are transmitted by various sources alongside the roads, eg. automatic doors at gas stations or adaptive cruise control systems, not only by law enforcement radars. Those false alerts need to be precisely identified and filtered.

Another physical aspect that the detector analysis is the magnitude and duration of the signal, again very specific for speed-measuring devices. Not to mention those devices differ depending on which country you are cruising in.

For successful radar detection of those signals there are specific antennas, so do not hesitate to contact us to help you with choosing the detector that suits your needs.

GENEVO car radar detectors are very successful at analyzing potential threats of Ka, MultaRadar, GATSO, RedFlex, and much more, which leads to a minimum of false alerts and our satisfied customers do not have to slam on the brakes every time they are passing the gas station. No false alerts - no stress.

Detection of laser-based speed measuring devices

The sensor in the detector reacts on light pulses of specific wavelength and frequency. Its function is to alert the driver of active speed measuring via a laser device.

After the detection of a laser beam pointing at your vehicle, there is only a fraction of a second to react, so if you are looking for laser protection, you need to look for active protection also known as laser jammers.

GPS module combined with a database

A highly acclaimed feature of GENEVO detectors is a GPS module with a database of active section speed cameras, stationery radars, red light cameras, and places with a high probability of speed measuring by handheld or mobile device. Except for the last mentioned one are those measuring devices undetectable because they are emitting no signal at all, so the only protection lies in an elaborate database of their pinpoint locations. During many years of data collection methods using various sources (news, social networks, users, testers, and other situational sources) and experience we proudly say our database is truly reliable.

According to your settings, you will be warned in advance of 250, 350 or 450 meters. All you need to do is download the monthly update.

The range of detection, precise analyzing of false alerts, continuous upgrade of detection algorithms, top notch hardware and monthly updates make GENEVO detectors reliable companions for everyday use, that lets you enjoy a quiet ride.

And that's it, now you know how a radar detector basically works and that it is a sophisticated device combining numerous functions providing maximal awareness of speed measuring.