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This detector is no longer available for sale, as a replacement we recommend GENEVO ONE S.

GENEVO ONE Eco Genevo One Eco is an easy, reliable detector from the Genevo family, intended for users who are not technically skilled. No special settings are needed. In fact, it is also the cheapest working detector on the market right now. You cannot get a better radar and GPS detector for under 300€. This detector is very similar to Genevo One, but some advanced features are missing. The GPS database, however, works perfectly.

During the development, enormous emphasis was placed on optimizing radar performance, especially on the Ka narrow band, which is used by police across Europe, and on the functionality of reporting GPS points. Last but not least, Genevo One Eco is localized into most European languages.

Main advantages of Genevo One Eco detector:

  • 360° radar detection
  • Unmatched Price
  • User-friendly menu
  • Advanced false alerts filtering
  • The most accurate database of speed radars in the whole Europe
  • Firmware updates via the Internet
  • Modified for specific conditions in the Europe
  • Smallest detector on the market
  • Local language localizations
  • No failures

Optional versions:

Additional options/accessories:

Genevo One Eco videos:

Detail: GENEVO ONE Eco
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