Using a Radar Detector in France


What are the speeding fines in France?

Speed Over The Limit Speed Limit 50 km/h or below City Outside City
0 - 20 km/h € 90 € 135 € 135
21 km/h - 31 km/h € 135 € 135 € 135
32 km/h - 50 km/h € 375 + Licence € 135 + Licence € 135 + Licence
For repeated offence Licence + Jail Licence + Jail Licence + Jail

Using a Radar Detector in France

What is Police using to measure your speed in France?

  • Most of the radars in use are X or K band (low powered)
  • There are also stationary cameras and laser systems
  • In small amount, some systems mounted in cars that calculate your average speed.

What are the recommended detectors for France?

France is a region with many types of radars in use and also many sources of possible false alarms. Therefore you will need a High-quality detector in order to keep you protected. From portable solutions we recommend GENEVO ONE M or GENEVO ONE S - Black edition.

If you are looking for a complete protection or just to stay more discrete, we can recommend you the custom installed GENEVO PRO M with or without laser jammers, front or also rear, up to your preference.

Do you have a distributor for France?

We are looking for a distributor, meanwhile, we are still selling to France and our customers are happy with the performance!

What is the recommended setting for my detector?

  • K Narrow - Filtres LOW or High depends on the type of your car
  • KA Narrow - leave everything ON
  • GATSO - ON
  • MR CD - OFF
  • MR CT - OFF
  • LASER - ON

What if I have an athermic window, can I still use portable detector?

If your car has a windshield that has either blue, magenta or green tint, it could be athermic/ metal plated and your portable detector will not work correctly. You can always check with your car dealer if you are not sure. If you do have such window, you should get a custom installed detector. More about types of windshields here ».

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