Using a Radar Detector in Finland

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As a customer, you do not need to worry, we are discreetly shipping to Finland and providing full customer support.
Using a Radar Detector in Finland

What are the speeding fines in Finland?

Fines in Finland are calculated from your taxable income, a Nokia executive was once fined €116.000,- for driving 75 km/h in a 50 km/h zone.

What is Police using to measure your speed in Finland?

The Local police are using a variety of radars, from low powered 24,100 GHz to 34,7 GHz
The tricky part is the use of Multanova radars and Multaradars.
Lasers: Are also used mainly around bigger cities.

What are the recommended detectors for Finland?

Thanks to the use of Multaradars we can safely recommend only the Genevo ONE M from portable detectors. From custom installed units look at Genevo PRO M.
For both products, the M stands for Multaradar detections which only a few detectors on the market can successfully detect!

Do you have a distributor for Finland?

We are currently looking for an official distributor, you do not need to worry though, we are discreetly shipping to Finland and providing full customer support.

What is the recommended setting for my detector?

  • Turn OFF MR CT and GATSO and leave ON only MR CD.
  • Highway
  • K Narrow
  • K filter HIGH
  • Ka Narrow
  • 34.0 ON
  • 34.3 ON
  • 34.7 ON
  • 35.5 ON
  • Ka filter Normal
  • Laser on
  • mr ct OFF
  • mr cd ON
  • gatso OFF
  • mr filter LOW

What if I have an athermic window, can I still use portable detector?

If your car has a windshield that has either blue, magenta or green tint, it could be athermic/ metal plated and your portable detector will not work correctly. You can always check with your car dealer if you are not sure. If you do have such window, you should get a custom installed detector. More about types of windshields here ».

Is it legal?

The use of Radar detectors and laser jammers in Finland is not legal, therefore we recommend you to stay discreet with your portable detector and consider custom installed unit by a skillful technician.

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