Police radar bands vary from country to country. The most common police bands are Ka-band or K-band, but we can also find modern 3D radars such as MultaRadars or GATSO radars. These radar bands are shared by many other sources, such as automatic doors at shops and petrol stations, modern vehicle safety systems such as blind-spot monitoring, lane-keeping, or adaptive cruise control, all of these are making radar detection trickier.

You can also encounter a false laser alert, which can be caused, for example, by modern laser headlights, but also by a strong reflection from the sun.

A premium car radar detector must be characterized not only by long-range radar detections but also by a perfectly tuned false alert filtering system, that eliminates all these unwanted signals. Otherwise, there is a risk of constant unwanted alerts and the detector becomes a burden rather than a helper. Learn more on how radar detectors work in this article.


1. By choosing the right and modern radar detector
Choosing a car detector is the first and most important step not only to eliminate annoying false alerts but also for proper functionality in countries where it will be used. Only a modern device of a renowned brand, that is regularly updated by the manufacturer, can filter out unwanted signals even from newly developed vehicle safety systems. On the other hand, a cheap detector, without regular support and perfectly tuned firmware, will be mainly an unpleasant companion than a reliable protector on the road.

2. By correct setting in the detector menu
The setting is absolutely essential for the optimal functionality of the detector. The radar detector must be set correctly for each individual country as the police radars are not the same in any country. The detector allows settings for specific bands and can always be set for optimal radar detection. If you are unfamiliar with setting up your advice, contact our technical support and we will advise you on how to set up the detector for your country.

3. By regular updates of the detector
If everything is set correctly, and the detector still occasionally alerts on what it should not, make sure that your detector is regularly updated. Together with monthly updates of the GPS database, we also regularly publish firmware updates for individual models. Among other things, these firmware updates improve the immunity to interference and respond to new modern safety systems in the latest vehicles. We always recommend keeping your detector up to date, only then will you use its full potential.

Proper firmware tuning, which brings quality filtering of modern false alert sources, should be as important for radar detectors manufacturers, as the detection itself.

Quality false alert filtering is absolutely essential for us

At GENEVO, we are constantly analyzing and testing new potential sources of false alerts. We immediately put the results of the development department into practice in the form of regular updates. We are constantly improving all our detectors so we can be proud of one of the best false alert filters out there, which has become a characteristic feature of GENEVO detectors.