Shortly after launch, Genevo One became the best seller in Central Europe due to its perfect parameters, user friendliness, and unrivaled price.

Genevo's main functions of success include:

  • Perfect parameters of its radar antenna. Genevo also has a high sensitivity that can be compared with high-end competitors on the market. Plus, Genevo has perfect false alert eliminations.
  • Unlike most competitors, Genevo has very a sensitive GPS module which can acquire a GPS signal over a few seconds after switching it on.
  • It is the most accurate GPS database. Competing high-end products developed in the USA, even in 2016, do not offer a comparable quality database.
  • You can update its firmware and database via the Internet. The ability to adapt the unit to new trends is among the essential requirements for the development of all Genevo products. Even now, in 2016, nearly five years after the introduction of the first Genevo, most competitive products still do not offer firmware updates via the Internet.
  • The firmware is specifically tuned to specific regions and radars used therein. If you´re traveling with Genevo One across Europe, any firmware localization will ensure you reliable protection. In the country where you use the detector the most, Genevo will ensure you the best protection, thanks to optimizing the firmware for local conditions.
  • Genevo One, the same as its successors, is the smallest detector on the market. Genevo One is smaller than its competitors by half, and that's why the Genevo One is the most discreet portable detector on the market.
  • Genevo One belongs to the most reliable radar detector line on the market.

The parameters above, of course, apply to all other Genevo products. Our goal is 100% user satisfaction.

Based on our experience, in 2014 Genevo launched an enhanced version, Genevo One S, GPS Detector Genevo GPS+ and the first custom-installed radar antenna called Genevo HD+. All the new models, thanks to the excellent parameters and unbeatable prices, again became best-sellers in their segments.

In 2015, Genevo products were introduced to the USA market. They were branded as Radenso and localized for USA conditions. Radenso now successfully competes with existing manufacturers.

In 2016, a team of experienced engineers is preparing the next new and innovative functions. Among the most anticipated of these is the enhanced radar antenna, which can offer detection of the most modern 3D radars. One of them is MultaRadar CD or GATSO, which is hard to detect with almost any detector on the market right now. Other innovations are in preparation, so let yourself be surprised.

In 2018 Genevo is first in the world to have GATSO RT4 detection as well as GATSO RT3 and Multaradars CD/CT. GATSO RT4 detection is available in Genevo ONE M and by the end of the year, also in Genevo PRO M.