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Genevo GPS+ can protect drivers from speeding tickets from stationary threads, such as speed cams, section speed cameras, and red-light cameras, using its own GPS database. The quality of the GPS database is one of the best on the market because we are connected to our partners: insiders from all around Europe. The GPS database is updated monthly and provides the best available coverage.

Genevo GPS+ can be wirelessly connected to our Genevo HD+ or HDM+ antenna, which adds radar coverage. Basically, it is full-featured, custom installed radar detector available to detect all radar bands.

Main advantages of Genevo GPS+:

  • Unbeatable price
  • Wireless connection with Genevo HD+ or HDM+ Antennas
  • User-friendly menu
  • Local language localizations
  • The most accurate database of speed radars in the whole Europe
  • Firmware updates via the Internet
  • Modified for specific conditions in the Europe
  • Smallest detector on the market
  • Zero failure

Optional versions:

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Genevo GPS+
€ 199,00

GPS+ POI detector only:

With HD+ Antenna:

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Detail: Genevo GPS+
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